Wildwater Rapids Water Slide Complex at Wildwater Kingdom

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Wildwater Rapids

It may seem as if you’re walking toward a dead end, but at the end of this path is a hidden treasure, Wildwater Rapids. Take your pick between four brightly colored body slides, 2 of which are enclosed and 2 are open-air. All four will take you on a twisted rip down hundreds of feet into a splash pool below. These twisty, turny, water tubes will take you on a flying adventure around its wild bends. Wildwater Rapids opened in 2003 and has been a hidden favorite ever since. Climb the 40 foot tall loading platform and choose between a yellow, blue, orange, or green body slide. The longest slide is the orange at 308 feet and the shortest is the green at 182 feet. No matter which slide you decide, you won’t be disappointed as you come crashing into the splash pool. Look for Wildwater Rapids near Aquablast and Patriot’s Plunge.

  • Opened in 2003
  • 40 feet tall
  • Slide 1 is yellow with a length of 268 feet and is an enclosed style slide.
  • Slide 2 is light blue with a length of 295 feet and is an open-air style slide.
  • Slide 3 is orange with a length of 308 feet and is an open-air style slide.
  • Slide 4 is green with a length of 182 feet and is an enclosed style slide.
  • End in a splash pool below

Guests must be 46" tall in bare feet to ride

Maximum Weight – 300 lb. per rider

This ride accommodates one single rider per tube.

Rider Safety Information

Min Height
  • A 40 foot tall complex of four separate slides, two slides being enclosed, that twist and turn and drop the rider into a 36 inch deep splash pool. 
  • Riders are required to maintain the proper riding position — laying feet first with their arms across their chest and ankles crossed. Riders may not sit up in the enclosed slides while riding.
  • Guests must have a minimum of three functioning extremities.
  • Forearm casts, full arm casts, braced arm casts, foot or lower leg casts, full leg casts, cervical collars or neck braces, or broken collar bones are not permitted.
  • Access to the attraction requires climbing 61 steps to reach the loading platform. Guests will have to ascend the slide tower and be capable of safely entering the slide, on their own or with the assistance of a companion.
  • Visit our Guest Assistance Guide for additional Accessibility information.