Patriot's Plunge Extreme Water Slides at Wildwater Kingdom

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Patriot's Plunge

Prepare to undergo an unpredictable journey through red, white and blue serpentine courses on a single or double tube. Each of the three will invigorate you with a combination of enclosed aquatubes and giant slides that end in a big splash.

  • Opened in 2003
  • Slide 1 is red with a length of 354 feet and is a Combo (open-air & enclosed) style slide.
  • Slide 2 is white with a length of 275 feet and is an enclosed style slide.
  • Slide 3 is blue with a length of 405 feet and is a Combo (open-air & enclosed) style slide.
  • Sporting the red, white and blue colors of the American Flag
  • End in a splash pool below

Guests must be 48" tall in bare feet to ride

Maximum Weight – 300 lb. per rider

This ride accommodates one single rider per tube.

Rider Safety Information

Min Height
  • A complex of three separate slides, one being completely dark, that twist and turn and drop the rider into a 42 inch deep splash pool. 
  • Riders are required to maintain proper riding position and center of gravity - seated in the middle of the tube, facing forward, and holding onto the handles.
  • Guests must have a minimum of three functioning extremities.
  • Forearm casts, full arm casts, braced arm casts, foot or lower leg casts, full leg casts, cervical collars or neck braces, or broken collar bones are not permitted.
  • Access to the attraction requires climbing 82 steps with a tube to reach the loading platform. Guests will have to ascend the slide tower and be capable of safely entering the tube, on their own or with the assistance of a companion.
  • Please use caution when entering and exiting as the tube may shift. The tube and surrounding area may also be slippery.
  • Visit our Guest Assistance Guide for additional Accessibility information.