Lollipop Lagoon Kids Waterpark Play Area in Wildwater Kingdom

Park: 11 AM - 7 PM Waterpark: Closed View Hours
Lollipop Lagoon

A day in Wildwater Kingdom can be fun for everyone, especially for the littlest water lovers. This fun-filled area features an assortment of frogs, turtle fountains, a showering elephant, mushroom rain umbrellas, squirt guns, and 11 mini water slides in this interactive children’s play area that is sure to get the kids squealing with excitement. Children can take turns climbing up the rocky island in the center of the lagoon and sliding into the water below with a splash. The whole family can enjoy an outing together and appreciate softly padded, enlarged lay areas. For adults (who are accompanied by a child) Lollipop Lagoon offers a two-tier sunbathing and observation deck, plus plenty of lounge chairs to lean back and relax. Lollipop Lagoon offers something for everyone and is the perfect way to wind down and relax while the kids are at play. You can find Lollipop Lagoon across from Kids Cove, Cascade and Aquablast.

Guests must be under 54” tall in bare feet to participate on the attraction.

Guests over 54" must be accompanied by a guest under 54” tall.

Hand-held infants are not permitted to participate on elevated activity area or slides

Slides accommodate one single rider at a time

Rider Safety Information

Min Height Alone
Max Height Accompanied
  • Children’s water participation area.
  • When riding slides, guests must be able to maintain seated postural control and appropriate center of gravity.
  • Guests must have a minimum of three functioning extremities to participate on slides.
  • Hand-held Infants may be seated with a supervising companion in the pools, but are not permitted on attractions.
  • Full arm casts, braced arm casts, full leg casts, cervical collars or neck braces, or broken collar bones are not permitted.
  • Access to slides requires climbing 10 steps to reach the top platform.
  • Visit our Guest Assistance Guide for additional Accessibility information.