Fast Pay

FAST PAY - The Quick and Easy Way to Pay!

Don’t be bothered with a wallet or cash all day.

 Try our FASTPAY cashless wristband that works just like cash at any Merchandise or Food location without the hassle of pocket change!  Don't be bothered with a wallet or cash all day - simply use your FASTPAY wristband to pay. 

For a limited time, get up to $10 FREE when you activate a new FASTPAY bracelet. Activations are available in increments of $20 and all new activations receive a 10% bonus added to your total to spend at the park! BUY ONLINE NOW or Visit any merchandise gift shop during your visit to get started!

SEASON PASS SPECIAL - For a limited time for season passholders, new activations of $50 or more receive a permanent silicone FASTPAY wristband FREE! Offer available at the Season Pass Processing Center only. 

FastPay FAQ

FastPay is a reloadable gift card embedded in a wristband requiring a balance to complete purchases. The program functions exactly like a gift card would at a local store.
Admissions, Kiosks located at the main entrance and the Wildwater Kingdom main entrance as well as any gift shop. Online sales coming soon!
Kiosks accept all major credit cards or cash for a wristband purchase. If cash is used, no change can be dispensed.
Balances are printed after the receipt after any purchase is made. Balances can also be checked at Guest Services or at any gift shop or food stand.
FastPay can be accepted at any location in the park that utilizes a cash register. This includes virtually all locations except midway game stands.
Wristbands can be loaded in $20.00 increments. They can also be reloaded at any gift shop.
Unfortunately no discounts or coupons can be applied when purchasing a FastPay wristband.
Not at this time, but we are looking at this capability in the future.
Guests can visit Guest Services where the transaction history can be printed and reviewed for accuracy. Instances where there is an issue are rare.
Yes, there are 2 different wristbands. A multi-day band that is removable and re-wearable and a single use band.
Single use bands are available at gift shops or from kiosks located conveniently around the park. Re-wearable bands are available from Season Pass Processing/Guest Services.
Single use bands are available at no charge with a minimum balance loaded. Re-wearable bands are available for $5 at Guest Services.
Guests can wear bands overnight and use them again or cut the band off (be careful not to cut through the RFID chip). The balance left on a band can be transferred to a new band for the guest’s next visit. This can be done at any gift shop.
Balances remain on the wristband infinitely and there is no “maintenance fee” to carry the balance.
Yes, re-wearable bands come in 3 sizes: Child (Bright Green), Adult (Blue) and XXL (Black).
Lost, damaged or stolen FastPay devices will not be replaced or refunded. Protect your FastPay devices as you would other forms of payment. Due to the nature of debit type devices, proof of purchase does not prove ownership.
Sorry but refunds of remaining balances are not permitted. The balance is stored indefinitely and a guest can transfer the band to another future guest if necessary.
Each wristband is embedded with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identifier) chip that contains a unique string of alpha-numeric characters. This RFID links to our point of sale system much like the magnetic strip on a credit card would.
 Redeemable at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom admission, retail or food locations. No expiration date, no fees. Not redeemable for cash. Lost, stolen or damaged wristbands that cannot transmit cannot be replaced. Remaining balances can be transferred to a new wristband at participating merchandise locations. Not a credit or debit card. Balances can be checked at Guest Services or participating merchandise locations. Receipts will show remaining balance.