Enjoy International Cuisine at Dorney Park's Cultural Celebration, Grand Carnivale!

Park: 11 AM - 7 PM Waterpark: Closed View Hours

Flavors of Carnivale International Cuisine

Grand Carnivale is an international feast for the eyes AND the tastebuds! Take a culinary trip around the world with samples of more than 20 authentic creations across 6 different countries. Have you ever noshed a piadina from Italy or dulce de leche churros from Spain? You can grab a laddu from India or jambon-beurre from France. Weiner schnitzel from Germany and steamed pork dumplings from China are always delicious tastes, too. These are just the tip of our international cuisine menu! Each country offers multiple sweets and savories plus alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Buy a Grand Carnivale Tasting Card and chow down at our cultural celebration!