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Wave Pool

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Wave Pool

Wave Pool

The size of a football field, this large pool brings the beach to the backyard with hours of fun for you and Guests of all ages. The wave pool provides ocean-like waves in water depths ranging from zero to six feet - minus the sand, broken shells and jellyfish.

  • Opened in 1985 – was one of the largest man-made wave pools in the country
  • Holds over 560,000 gallons of water
  • Waves run on a 5-minute on and 5-minute off cycle
  • Seating is also provided
  • In 2003, the wave pool was renovated and a pneumatic wave-making system was added which produces a more realistic ocean wave pattern.
  • In 1988, boogie boards were given out for guests to enjoy.
  • In 1985, Jim Karabasz, a surfing director, taught surfing every day at the wave pool.
  • In June 1985, the waves were big enough to hold the World Professional Inland Surfing Championship.

Height Requirement: 48" or accompanied by a supervising companion and must wear a life jacket.