Trip Tips

Trip Tips


Some Helpful Hints To Plan Your Day

If visiting during the Regular Summer Season, try to visit on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday when crowds are at their lowest. Arrive early in the day, and start at the farthest point in the park and work your way around/forward.

Wildwater Kingdom is best from 11am - noon or from 5pm - water park close. You'll get less sunburn and enjoy shorter lines!
Don't forget to bring appropriate swimwear, a towel & water shoes or flip flops so you can splish, splash and laugh on the more than 3 dozen slides, pools, rivers and water activities in Wildwater Kingdom. It is just good advice to recommend that you consider bringing:

  • a dry change of clothes (especially socks, wet socks are horrible)
  • warmer or cooler clothes for different parts of the day
  • some type of credit/debit card and/or money for food, snacks, beverages, souvenirs, games and more. (We do have ATM's)
We recommend that any bags are the size of an average backpack.  Larger bags may not fit into the lockers available for rent and we do not recommend items be left unattended.  Do not bring any valuable items or excessive amounts of money. Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom is not responsible for items that are lost, stolen, or damaged.
Guests should wear comfortable, broken in shoes. Wear cotton clothing; it is light and dries quicker on water rides such as Thunder Canyon and White Water Landing. Also, you may want to bring an extra pair of dry socks. We also recommend clothes with pockets so you can secure loose items on rides. For more specific attire requirements, please see our Park Policies.
Visitors should arrive via Lincoln Ave. to Dorney Park Road. Set your GPS to 4000 Dorney Park Road.

Parking requires a toll be paid and pricing varies by vehicle. Season Passholders park for FREE!

There is a small short-term parking Pick-up & Drop-off lot accessible from the Eastbound lanes of Hamilton Boulevard (Rt. 222) near Wildwater Kingdom.
  • There is a big Dorney Park Billboard at this entrance and it is also labeled as the Bus Parking Entrance.
  • Do not linger in the Pick-up, Drop-off lot.
  • Cars left for greater than 45 minutes may be subject to towing at the owners expense.
When you park your car, please note the location. Each lot section is a different PEANUTS™ character.

A parking area for guests with disabilities is located near the Main Entrance. Should you require this parking, please turn on your four-way flashers and ask a traffic director to direct you to the exact location.

At Park close, exiting traffic should form neat, orderly and most importantly SAFE queue lines to exit. All traffic, no matter how you exit the parking lot, goes to the same traffic light. Be patient, be safe.
It is recommended that a meeting time and place be arranged for your group members to meet should you become separated. Find a quiet area off to the side of things, and refrain from gathering and loitering in the center of the main midways were the path needs to remain clear for other guests.  If you become separated from your group, you may leave a message for them at Guest Services.

If you are spending your day in Wildwater Kingdom, rent a cabana as a great home-base and meeting place during water park operating hours.
Some attractions may close in bad weather until conditions permit for safe operation. Please enjoy a show, meal or shopping until such weather passes.
Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom offer several special services, programs, facilities, and amenities that make it easy for families with infants and/or young children to enjoy a full day in the Parks.
  • Kid-Track helps us reunite separated parties. (requires registration)
  • Parent-Swap lets Mom & Dad both ride adult attractions one right after the other while the other stays with children. (requires registration)
  • Family Care Center in Dorney Park's Planet Snoopy is a haven for parents with infants. Nursing rooms, bottle warming, feeding stations...everything you need.
Please visit our Guests with Kids & Infants page for a full overview.

Life jackets are required at the Wave Pool, Wildwater Cove, Runaway River, and Wildwater River for anyone who is less than 48" tall in bare feet or is an inexperienced, weak, or non-swimmer.

Life jackets are available free of charge; however, guests are asked to return all jackets to their storage area after use. Life Jackets are property of Dorney Park and are not permitted to be removed from the park.

Life jackets are available at:
  • Near men's restroom at the Wave Pool.
  • Near the entrances to Wildwater Cove, Runaway River, and Wildwater River.
Personal life jackets that carry the Coast Guard emblem may be brought into Wildwater Kingdom. Water wings, "swimmies" and any other personal flotation devices that do not carry the Coast Guard emblem are not permitted. Wave-riding boards are not permitted under any circumstance.

Pennsylvania Act No. 1994-58 Amusement Rider Safety and Liability Act requires that riders must obey all warnings and directions regarding any ride and must behave in a manner that will not cause or contribute to injury to themselves or others. Failure to comply is cause for dismissal from the Park.

Located in Planet Snoopy throughout most days until 5:00 pm are your favorite PEANUTS characters. Have your camera ready to snap a photo of your favorite pals from PEANUTS TV shows and comic strips. To save time, the best place to meet the characters is immediately following Charlie Brown's Jungle Journey located at the Peanuts Showplace in the heart of Planet Snoopy. Pick up a Show Guide when you arrive at the park for times.

Plan your meals for non-traditional times for lunch and dinner. This will save you time. Guests participating in a catered meal can locate their serving times at the Informational Boards at the Main Gate and the entrance to Food Fest Grove on the day of their visit.

If you plan to leave the Park and return later in the day, ask for an attendant at the exit turnstile to stamp your hand. Hand stamp re-entry is not permitted after 6:00pm during our Haunt season.

Guests will not be allowed to re-enter the Park without a hand-stamp.

Guests must be following the Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom dress code to exit and re-enter the Park.

Be sure to keep your parking stub if you take your car from the parking lot so that you can re-enter without charge. You stub is valid for one re-entry.