Guests with Kids & Infants

Guests with Kids & Infants

Guests with Kids & Infants

Baby food and baby bottles are not available at the Park. Guests are permitted to bring these items into Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom. These food items must be kept inside of a cooler and checked in at the Guest Services Office before you are permitted to take the food inside the Park. Bottles may be warmed at any major restaurant in the Park or at the Planet Snoopy Family Care Center. Milk and canned juice is available at a variety of food stands throughout Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom.
An employee will escort any child who appears to be lost to the Planet Snoopy Family Care Center or Wildwater Kingdom Children with Lost Parents Center. If you and your child become separated, please ask any employee for assistance. Consider registering your child in our Kid-Track Program.
Diaper changing stations are available at all restroom facilities and in the Planet Snoopy Family Care Center for your convenience.
The Planet Snoopy Kid's Theme Park comes fully equipped for a jam-packed and incredibly fun family day at Dorney. Located right in the heart of Planet Snoopy, families will find the welcoming blue doors of Dorney Park's new Family Care Center. The Facility is equipped with all the amenities and accommodations a parent may need to care for the youngest family members.

The Family Care center offers these services and amenities:
  • Diaper changing stations
  • Private nursing rooms
  • Feeding high chairs
  • Bottle warming
  • Microwave ovens
  • Refrigeration for storage of milk
  • Kid-Track Registration Services
  • Children with lost parents play area
Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom provides a variety of nutritious food for your children. From favorites like macaroni & cheese and hot dogs, to milk and juice, to cotton candy, there is something that is sure to please your little one. For more information on food especially for kids, please visit our Dining Section.
Diapers, sunscreen and other supplies are available at Good Time Gifts, Snoopy Boutique and Trade Winds Gift Shop.
Kid Track is a program at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom that assists in reuniting lost children with their parents or guardians in case they become separated while visiting the Park. Parents or guardians may register children for the Kid Track program at the Guest Services Office in the Main Plaza or at the Family Care Center in Planet Snoopy. An identification band is placed on the child that has a security code used to quickly reunite the lost child with their parent or guardian. While the program is available to all guests who want to register their children, Kid Track works best for guests who carry cell phones or pagers.

Should you become separated from a child in your group, an employee will escort any child who appears to be lost to one of two Children With Lost Parents Centers:
  • Next to Trade Winds Gift shop in Wildwater Kingdom
  • Family Care Center in Dorney Park's Planet Snoopy
If you and your child become separated, please ask any employee for assistance.
Life jackets are required at the Wave Pool, Wildwater Cove, Runaway River, and Wildwater River for anyone who is less than 48" tall in bare feet or is an inexperienced, weak, or non-swimmer.

Life jackets are available free of charge; however, guests are asked to return all jackets to their storage area after use. Life Jackets are property of Dorney Park and are not permitted to be removed from the park.

Life jackets are available at:
  • Near men's restroom at the Wave Pool.
  • Near the entrances to Wildwater Cove, Runaway River, and Wildwater River.
Personal life jackets that carry the Coast Guard emblem may be brought into Wildwater Kingdom. Water wings, "swimmies" and any other personal flotation devices that do not carry the Coast Guard emblem are not permitted. Wave-riding boards are not permitted under any circumstance.
Smoking is not permitted in Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, including Planet Snoopy, Kids Cove, Splash Landing and Lollipop Lagoon. There are several designated smoking areas near the restrooms located throughout Dorney Park and one in Wildwater Kingdom that are located such that a child's exposure while enjoying the Park will be minimized.
Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom recognizes that mothers have the right to provide natural nutrition to their children. Mothers who prefer a private area for nursing may do so at the Family Care Center located in Planet Snoopy.
Children may be officially measured at Ride Services located at the Guest Services Office at the Park Entrance, where they receive a wristband for the height category in which they belong. Children may also be measured without shoes at this time for Wildwater Kingdom water park attractions. For the safety of your child, a standard play shoe that does not contribute excessively to the child's height will be permitted. Platform shoes, for example, are not permitted to help a child meet a height requirement. Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom reserves the right to ask that shoes be removed to ensure that a child's height is not being artificially enhanced or manipulated.
Parent Swap is a service available for those who have small children but no provision for childcare while participating in height-restricted rides at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom. One person may wait with the child on the midway near the exit, or in the designated area on the exit side of the platform or station, while the other guests in the party enter the line. When the rest of the party has exited the ride, the person who waited with the child may enter the ride through the exit and ride. Talk to the ride host/hostess for assistance. You may receive a Parent Swap Pass to be used at a particular ride, though all rides do not use a Parent Swap Pass.
Planet Snoopy™ is an interactive play area themed with the popular PEANUTS™ comic strip characters. There are a variety of attractions that parents and children enjoy together in this newly expanded 3.5-acre fun-land.
Hand-held infants (infants who cannot walk by themselves) are permitted to participate in the following rides and attractions: Antique Carrousel, Cedar Creek Cannonball,  Chuck's Wagon Wheel, Ferris Wheel, Kids Cove, Lollipop Lagoon, Splash Landing, Wave Pool, Wildwater Cove, Woodstock's Birdbath and Zephyr. For detailed information about each attraction, please visit our Rides Section.
Strollers and wagons are permitted inside Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom. You may bring your own stroller and wagon to the Park.

If you do not have a stroller, they are available for rent at the Rental Center just inside the Park Entrance next to Good Time Gifts. Wagons are not available for rent at the Park.
  • Single Seat Stroller $12.00
  • Double Seat (side-by-side) Stroller $18.00
A $5 refundable deposit is required per item, must have photo ID. Deposits are returned as a $5 FastPay giftcard.
Sunscreen is available at most gift shops throughout the Park. Hats and sunglasses also help protect little ones from sun damage, and can be purchased at several gift shops throughout the Park.
Family fun is overflowing in Wildwater Kingdom water park. Three play areas designed just for kids allow small children to splash around to their hearts' content.

Lollipop Lagoon is where little ones discover frogs, turtle fountains, squirt guns and 11 mini water slides. Hand-held infants (infants who cannot walk by themselves) may be seated in the pools with a supervising companion but are not permitted on the attractions.

Kid's Cove is a place for little tikes to climb, splash, and play on a yellow submarine & orange octopus. There are fountains and 5 mini water slides for little squirts in Kid's Cove. Hand-held infants (infants who cannot walk by themselves) may be seated with a supervising companion in the pools, but are not permitted on the attractions.

Soak up the sun in Splash Landing, a lounging area especially for kids. A zero-depth splash pad with a water mushroom and geysers provide refreshment when it's time to cool off. Hand-held infants (infants who cannot walk by themselves) may be seated in the water with a supervising companion.

Can Mom and Dad come too? Sure they can! Parents will love playing with their children on a variety of attractions at Wildwater Kingdom water park. Families can all get wet together while enjoying Island Water Works, Runaway River, Wave Pool, Wildwater Cove and Wildwater River.

The requirements for each ride vary. All height and safety requirements are strictly enforced. You can create a list of all rides available to each guest and view details about each ride by visiting our Rides Section.