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It's Not Just About the Fun!

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Dorney Park Student and Youth Programs
Dorney Park Student and Youth Programs

It's Not Just About the Fun!

But don't tell the kids.

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Student and Youth Group Events

Dorney Park has everything you need when it comes to Youth Programs. From student learning, performing, celebrating or just having fun, we offer affordable events that appeal to kids, organizers and parents alike.

Dorney Park Student and Youth Single Day Visit

Single Day Visit

Any Public Operating Day

Treat your group to a trip like none other! Spend the day enjoying our collection of rides and attractions at a price that can't be beat!

Dorney Park Performance in the Park

Performance In The Park

Any Public Operating Day

Student music groups become the center of attention as they perform on Dorney Park's Main Midway! Bands, choirs, orchestras and more have the opportunity to showcase their talents.

Dorney Park Coaster Quest

Coaster Quest: Math & Science

Any Public Operating Day

See the principles of physics in action when Dorney Park is turned into a life-sized classroom! With a STEM curriculum developed by Kutztown University, this is the best mix of education and fun.

Join us on May 11 when the Kutztown team will be available to assist your students.

Dorney Park Dinosaurs Alive

Dinosaurs Alive!

All Season

Your students will step back in time in this educational, life-sized adventure! Animatronic dinosaurs bring history to life while informative signage tells the tale of these majestic creatures.

Dorney Park Dance Festival

Dance Festival

May 6, 12 & 19, 2018

Dance companies, schools and groups are invited to perform at this educational event! Participants will showcase their talents and improve their skills with a workshop run by Sheila Barker, faculty member at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City.

Dorney Park Thrill U Amusement Park 101

Amusement Park 101

May 11, 2018

Amusement Park 101 offers students access to top-level Dorney Park staff to learn about the business side of the amusement industry. A number of our managers and directors will describe their roles in the company as well as the career path that led them to Dorney Park. This will be followed by a Q&A session for the students.

Engineering Day

May 18, 2018

Irvine Ondrey, a leading ride control systems company, will host an educational session about the design lifecycle of amusement rides. This program will provide inspiration and ideas for students interested in the amusement industry!

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