Dorney Park Writing Prompts Inspiring Kids to Write Thrilling Tales

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Dorney Park Writing Prompts Inspiring Kids to Write Thrilling Tales

Tana Korpics |
October 5, 2020

To help kids keep up their penmanship and work on their storytelling skills, we’ve put together a few Dorney Park-inspired writing prompts for them to try at home. Have them sit down in a quiet place and write about one of the scenarios here!
For younger kids, remind them to use these narrative structures:

Opening sentence

Story progression with “First…/ Then…/ Next…/ Finally….

Closing sentence

Don’t forget the fun details!

For older kids who could turn these into fictional narratives, have them consider their key story elements: 

What’s the setting? (Time, season, place?)

Characters (How many and who are they?)

What’s the problem? (How will the characters solve the problem, will they change?)




1. What’s your best memory of Dorney Park? What happened, when was it and who was there? Why is it your best memory? 

2. Dorney Park’s first mascot was Alfundo. If you were chosen to create a mascot for Dorney Park, what would its name be? What does the mascot look like?

3. You hop behind the steering wheel of one of our Road Rally racers and suddenly you’re transported to the Wildwater Kingdom! Where else are you traveling to on your Pennsylvania road trip? What do you get to see? Who are you bringing with you?

4. You’ve been asked to design a ride for Dorney Park. What kind of ride will you create? What will it look like and how will it work? What will it be made of? What will it be called?

5. What’s your favorite food to get at Dorney Park? Talk about why you like it. If you don’t have one, make one up! Get creative and give it a fun name!

6. You come to the park one day and pick up a park map, only you discover it’s a very special map – a treasure map and the treasure is here at Dorney Park, too?

7. Write a story combining these things: The Whip, funnel cakes, and Snoopy.

8. You can visit Dorney Park at any time of the year you want! When do you choose to visit – in the summer or is it the winter with snow? Is it a holiday? Your birthday? Describe how the park looks in the season you’ve chosen to visit!

9. You go to take a ride on the Antique Carousel but before getting on, the ride attendant tells you that you have magical powers to change the horses into any animal you want! What animal would you choose to ride on the Carousel and why? What’s the name of your animal?

10. What’s your favorite ride at Dorney Park and why? What does it feel like to ride it? Were you ever scared to ride it? How did you overcome your fear?

Share your wonderful story creations with us on social media! Be sure to tag us @DorneyParkPR and we will share your thrilling tales on our channels.