Dorney Park Holiday DIY Paper Ornaments

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Dorney Park Holiday DIY Paper Ornaments

Tana Korpics |
December 19, 2020

Snowed in looking for a family fun activity? Here are some Dorney Park 3D paper holiday ornaments to cut out, color, and keep those fine motor skills in tune.


These paper ornaments aren’t as easy as they look. I took on the challenge and here are some of my not-so-pro tips:

  1. Prepare your hanging string before you get started. I used 4 lb fishing line, but you could use yarn, ribbon, thread – whatever you have available.
  2. Make ALL of your folds before you start gluing. I accidentally didn’t do this with one of them, and it was just a tad more difficult.
  3. Decide where you’re going to put your hanger before you start gluing, and then don’t forget to put it in place. I secured mine with tape on the inside of the ornament. For one of the ornaments, I poked a hole (with a pencil tip) where I wanted the hanger to go through.
  4. Have patience. I used a glue stick but definitely thought about using a hot glue gun to speed up the process. When using the glue stick, I put glue where the tab was going to be connected and also on the tab. If you’re deciding to use a hot glue gun – please make sure you ask your parents for help.

Click on the image below to download and get started.