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Tweetup Rules

Tana Korpics

Manager, PR & Communications
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Are you at the park? Ready to play? 

On random days and at random times, we'll give away prizes through my official Twitter handle. It's a great way to meet some of you AND a great way for fans to meet each other.

How does it work? 

I'll tweet a location, and you go there. If you're one of the first few to make it there, you can win while supplies last.

What do you give away?

Priceless things. Like our NEW souvenir coins, one-time use Fast Lane passes and much more. 

Are there rules? Of course there are! Read on.

You must be actively following @TanaKorpics and @DorneyParkPR on Twitter. 

One prize per person, with their own mobile device.

You must show the tweet on your mobile device.

No running. Not now, not ever. If we see you running in the distance, you can't win, sorry. Please don't do it.

You may win the souvenir coin only once per season, but you are eligible to win the other prizes as many times as you successfully find us. Just be honest, and let us know that you've won it before, and you can select other prizes.

Associates, unfortunately, are not eligible to participate. 

We stay put until all prizes are gone and we follow-up with a tweet that says we're done. Make sure your notifications are ON while you're at the park so you don't miss a tweet.

Vouchers are only valid the day you win - you can't use them any other time, so if you don't use it that day, it becomes void.

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom reserves the right to deny distribution of prizes for any reason. 

Rules subject to change without notice. We'll tweet a link to this page every time so you're always up to speed.

Good luck - and, see you on the midway!

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Tana Korpics

Manager, PR & Communications
Follow @tanakorpics on Twitter

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