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Let the Tweetups Begin: The elusive Dorney Park collectible coins are officially available for the taking.

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Let the Tweetups Begin! 

Tana Korpics

Manager, PR & Communications
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We know many of you are into collectibles and park history… I mean we HAVE been engineering #FUN since 1884 (with possible ties back to the 1860’s). What could we possibly produce that would not only be unique to Dorney Park, but limited in number, AND extremely collectible?

Well, we did this thing, and we made some things… and we think you’ll love them.

I’d like to introduce the new Dorney Park collectible coins! In our inaugural year with these commemorative coins, I present to you two (not one by two!) 2019 Dorney Park coins.

At 2" in diameter, these coins feature ride anniversaries, potential new attractions or honoring a milestone of that coins current year on one side:

(Side Note: I am no hand-model.)


2019 Collectible Coin #1:

In it’s 85 Season the Zephyr is featured on our first of two coins. This historic ride opened in 1935 and has since been a staple in Dorney Park history taking guests on a scenic trip throughout the park. This ride once saved the park from closing during the Great Depression.

2019 Collectible Coin #2:

The second coin features The Coaster, excuse me… I mean, Thunderhawk. This family favorite roller coaster is the OLDEST in the park, helping create “First Roller Coaster” family traditions in the Lehigh Valley since first opening in 1923. Originally named ‘The Coaster,’ Thunderhawk has been making memories for over 95 years and through some much needed TLC, it will continue to make memories for many more years to come.

The fronts are both identical donning Dorney Park branding, with the coinciding year it was produced.

So now that you’ve seen them…. I bet you’re asking yourself, "Why is that unique?" Well, it’s because only 300 of each will ever be made.

AND NOW I bet you’re asking yourself, “How can I get one!??"

Great question!

The only way to get one is to follow @DorneyParkPR and @TanaKorpics on Twitter, and get one during one of our Tweetups, where I not only give away single-use Fast Lane passes and Dorney Park swag, but also single meal vouchers and also, the Dorney Park 2019 collectible coins and more.

Here’s where it will get interesting. One collectible coin per person, per Tweetup, only 2 maximum per season (one of each). And let’s be real here, they're not for resale (#sorrynotsorry). We watch eBay and Facebook Marketplace like (Thunder)hawks over here.  Official Tweetup Rules will always be posted with tweets. If you haven't read them, click here and read them.

Although we may be 136 seasons deep, it's never too late to start a new tradition. And this new tradition OFFICIALLY begins tomorrow, Saturday, July 20. Don’t let the FOMO set in… May your Tweetup game be strong.

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Tana Korpics

Manager, PR & Communications
Follow @tanakorpics on Twitter

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