Don’t Let Mother Nature Rain on Your Parade: Weather Safety Protocols at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom

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Don’t Let Mother Nature Rain on Your Parade: Weather Safety Protocols at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom

Tana Korpics |
July 6, 2018

UPDATE: In an effort to provide the best service to our guests while keeping our guest’s safety a priority, we’ve revised the operating procedures of Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom’s attractions when it comes to lightning in the area.

Summer fun in the sun is always the preferred weather when visiting Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, but that’s not always the case as we have seen recently. When the dark clouds start rolling across the sky, it’s easy to get discouraged and think your day is over! Dorney Park has got you covered from the impending rain and storms headed our way.

Our Operations and Safety teams work together with Earth Networks®, a weather monitoring app to help Dorney Park monitor severe weather, lightning, and rain.

When Earth Networks® alerts our team to an impending storm, associates across the park work together to hold our ride operations in two different phases: Phase 1 and Phase 2.

What is Phase 1?

Dorney Park’s Safety Communications will inform our park’s Operations team of Phase 1 when Earth Networks® observes lightning within a 7.5 to 10 mile radius of Dorney Park.

During Phase 1, many attractions will hold operations including:

  • Slides and attractions of Wildwater Kingdom
  • Thunder Canyon
  • Thunder Creek Mountain
  • White Water Landing
  • Ferris Wheel

The Earth Networks® will clear Dorney Park from Phase 1 once we have gone 15 minutes without lightning in the 10 mile radius.  Once we’ve downgraded to Normal Operation, all attraction may begin the process of re-opening.

What is Phase 2?

If Earth Networks® detects lightning less than 7.5 miles away from Dorney Park, Phase 2 will be issued.

During Phase 2, all of the attractions in Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom will hold operations EXCEPT (unless in extreme weather conditions):

  • Antique Carousel
  • Dodgem
  • Whip

The Earth Networks® system will clear our Operations team from a Phase 2 once we have gone 15 minutes without lightning in the 10 mile radius.  Once we’ve downgraded from Phase 2 to a Phase 1, many attractions may begin the process of re-opening, including our rollercoasters Steel Force, Hydra, Talon, Possessed and Thunderhawk!

Until a Phase 1 is downgraded to “Normal Operations,” attractions in Wildwater Kingdom, Thunder Canyon, White Water Landing, and the Ferris Wheel will remain closed.

What else can I do when it’s raining?

Though a coming storm might stop our rides from running, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop.

Returning fan favorite show, Cirque Imagine, is currently showing in the Good Time Theater near Good Time Gifts. This acrobatic show is sure to help you escape the gloom and doom outside and take you to a world of artistry, acrobatics and pure amazement! For show times, visit the show’s page on our website.

Rain is also the perfect excuse to take advantage of our gift shops around the park. Stop by Good Time Gifts and purchase some Dorney Park apparel and souvenirs to remember your visit to Dorney Park. This is the perfect excuse for Season Passholders to use their exclusive merchandise discount.

Or take this break in rides and slides to grab a bite to eat at any of our food locations including the new Tidal Wave Café in Wildwater Kingdom, Burrito Cantina, or try the new Xtreme Milkshakes at Coasters Drive-In.

The next time you’re at Dorney Park and Mother Nature decides to present the Lehigh Valley with a storm, fear not! Our whole team working behind the scenes to make sure you and your family stay safe and making memories at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom.