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Dorney Park

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2017 Season Pass

Dorney Park

Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom - Two Great Parks for the Price of One! Enjoy endless fun and thrills with world-class rides, attractions and live entertainment all season long.

Having a Season Pass totally changes your game plan for the better.  We’ve come up with a list of #DP100Reasons of the best ways use your season pass. Here’s our top ten:

1.     Share the Love – Bring a Friend Discount!

There’s nothing better than feeling the wind sweep through your hair at 75 mph on Dorney Park’s Steel Force or spiraling 465 feet down on Wildwater Kingdom’s Patriot’s Plunge – unless you’re enjoying it with a group of friends! This summer, it’s more affordable than ever to create lasting memories and plan a large group outing at the park with your closest buds.

Season Passholders can save $24 off a full-price Regular General Admission Ticket on any day! And if you’re able to round up your friends for “Super Saver Days,” you can bring up to four (4) friends for just $19 each! Start planning your trip now, before the summer is gone:
Memorial Day: May 27-29, 2019

Father’s Day: June 18, 207

July 4th Weekend: July 1–4, 2017

Labor Day: September 2-4, 2017

2. Find your Favorite Seat on Steel Force!

Goldie Locks wasn’t shy about testing her options, so why should you be? Steel Force offers a variety of experiences depending on where you ride the coaster. 

Avid riders know that roller coasters build up a reservoir of potential energy due to the downward pull of gravity. Once you add acceleration, partnered with the up-and-down movement of the train, it produces an exhilarating sensation in your body.

Rear cars tend to have a higher acceleration at the top of hills than the first car does. This increased force can make you feel like you’re almost about to fly out of your seat! However, those sitting in front of you could obstruct your view.

If you prefer views over higher acceleration, then the first car will likely be a better fit. The visual component of the ride is also important because it gives you a sense of speed and peril – especially as you see obstacles whipping past you.

Want a mixture of both experiences? Give the middle seat a spin!

3. Luxury Cabana Discounts

Want to live the V.I.P. lifestyle? Well, you’re in luck. Wildwater Kingdom cabanas provide the perfect amount of R&R all while adding exclusivity, privacy and relaxation to your day.

Conveniently located by Wildwater Cove, Wildwater Kingdom's newest wave pool, rental of one of our 46 luxury cabanas allows your group all-day access to the water park's exclusive cabana area. It also includes the following amenities:

  • 4 towels
  • 6 bottles of Dasani water
  • Fresh fruit
  • Sun block
  • Souvenir bag
  • A coupon booklet

You won’t have to lift a finger when renting a cabana at Wildwater Kingdom this summer. Each private cabana area includes two lounge chairs, two sand chairs and a dining table with four chairs inside a spacious tent and waitered food. Talk about paradise! And for those who like to keep their food and beverages sheltered from the blazing sun, you’ll get to enjoy a personal sized refrigerator, safe for your belongings, cable TV and an outlet to charge your electronic devices so you can capture the perfect selfie.  Dorney Park Passholders have it made in the shade!

4. Papa Luigi Fresh Pizza

What happens when you pair the intense flavors of pizza with the intense thrills of a water park? The best time of your freaking life.

The world famous Papa Luigi’s pizza is coming to Wildwater Kingdom at Dorney Park! Replacing Typhoon Treats, Papa Luigi will serve fresh dough pizza made with fresh topics and other delectable sides like breadsticks and Philly Cheesesteaks.

This summer, guests will have the opportunity to eat as much pizza as their hearts desire all while enjoying a collection of over three dozen slides, pools, rivers and water play areas, including new splash attractions such as the 65-foot-tall Python Plummet, 449 feet Constrictor slide, high-speed Boa Blasters drops and more.

5.  Enjoy New Thrills – Dodgem & Kaleidoscope!

WHAM! Dodging your friends and family has never been more fun. Get behind the wheel of our classic bumper cars and try to dodge your friends and family!

Need another new thrill? Take a spin on the new Kaleidoscope and experience the feeling of weightlessness and acceleration!

Want to know the fastest way to get to the front of these lines? Add All Season Fast Lane to your pass, can bypass the line on over 22 rides throughout the park! Planning on making a splash in Wildwater Kingdom? With All Season Fast Lane, you can beat the line (and the heat) on 5 additional waterpark attractions!

6. Be a Winner every day!

We’re dedicated to making every guest feel like a winner every day!

Classic midway games are always a blast, even if it’s just a rematch between Dad and the kids or even just between friends, especially the Three Point Challenge!

Want to play all-day long? With the Play & Save addition, you can get 25 $1 game vouchers, 10 coupons to use in the park, and 2 Fast Lane single-use coupons for only $20!

Trying to score that iconic Charlie Brown zig zag tee? With your season pass, Passholders can receive a 10% discount on merchandise not only at Snoopy Boutique, but many anywhere within the park!


7. Spending Quality Family Time

Summer is over 90 days long, fit in as much family fun as you can! Dorney Park has over 30 family fun rides that you and your family can enjoy, together.

Whether it’s the iconic Antique Carousel, the historic Whip, the lovable PEANUTS characters in Planet Snoopy. The barrel roll of Hydra or the audible countdown of Python Plummet, there is something for everyone!

8. Selfies with Snoopy

You can’t pass up a photo-op with American’s favorite beagle! Make your (non-passholder) friends jealous that you can hang with Snoopy every day! Snap that selfie and post on your Instagram feed, no filtered needed! (Don’t forget to share you selfies with us - @dorneyparkpr!)

You can meet all your favorite Peanuts characters in Planet Snoopy, including Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Sally, Peppermint Patty, Lucy, Linus, Schroeder, Franklin, Woodstock, and our new friend Pig Pen!

Can’t get enough of them? You can stop by one of the shows in Planet Snoopy! You can see the gang experience the jungle with Charlie Brown’s Jungle Journey, bust a move with Franklin, or sing-a-long with Schroeder to his favorite songs! Plenty of opportunities to snap the perfect #Selfie!

9. Let Us Amaze You

This season brings a new show to the Good Time Theater: Cirque Imagine! Stunts, the high-flying thrills, and humor will bring pure amazement with every show!

The show runs for 3 shows almost daily with an extra showing on Saturdays for a limited time starting June 17!

Be sure to stop in the Good Time Theater for a break from the sun and catch one of the 190 shows this season!

10. Best. Summer. Ever.

If the first nine reasons aren’t enough to convince you to get a season pass, let us just remind you that with a season pass, you can fill up on fun as often as you want and enjoy unlimited highs, drives, twists and turns.

Ride your favorite rollercoaster 100 times…

Indulge in Crab Fries…

Get dizzy on the Tilt-a-Whirl…

Crash into Dad on Dodgem…

Create the ultimate Funnel Cake…

Have Date Night under the Stars on the Ferris Wheel…

The choice is yours!

With all the discounts, early entry, extra ride time, exclusive events, free parking, and an easy payment plan, there are endless perks to making this the best summer at Dorney Park ever with a Gold or Platinum Season Pass. AND you are not limited to just the highs, dives, twists and turns of summer fun, but you can also face your fears during our Halloween Haunt and enjoy your favorite (scare-free) fall festivities at The Great Pumpkin Fest!

Get your Dorney Park season pass today! 

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Dorney Park

Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom - Two Great Parks for the Price of One! Enjoy endless fun and thrills with world-class rides, attractions and live entertainment all season long.

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