Wild Mouse

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Level 4 - High Thrill

At a Glance

Duration: 2 min., 0 sec.
Height Requirement: 44" when accompanied by responsible person or 48" to ride alone.
Manufacturer: Maurer Sohne
Speed: 28 mph

Four-person roller coaster cars take guests through zigzagging turns and camelback hills on this new version of an old favorite. (NOTE: Guests 44" to 48" in height may ride when accompanied by a responsible person)

  • Lift height: 50 feet
  • Wild Mouse was designed for maximum family enjoyment, allowing riders as short as 42 inches to ride.
  • This 3-tiered structure stands nearly 50 feet tall and features 7 zigzagging and camelback hill effects.
  • Opened: 2000