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Level 5 - Aggressive Thrill

At a Glance

Duration: 2 min., 30 sec.
Height Requirement: 54"
Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard
Speed: 53 mph

  • Opened May 7th, 2005
  • Lift hill is 95 feet tall
  • 105-foot drop
  • The ride begins with a unique feature called the jojo roll, which is the first-ever pre-lift hill inversion where riders twist upside-down after exiting the launch station.
  • After racing through a rock-hewn canyon, riders experience an inclined dive loop, a zero-gravity roll, two flat-spins with inversions, and a tight cobra roll (two inversions) – Hydra’s signature design element.
  • Turns riders upside down a total of seven times
  • Hydra The Revenge is named after the nine-headed monster of Greek Mythology.
  • In the myth, Hydra battles the hero Hercules, who succeeds in cutting off all of Hydra’s heads. However, one head is immortal and Hercules buries it under a huge boulder by a lake. In Dorney Park mythology, Hydra has risen from Dorney Park Lake and takes its “revenge” on Hercules, the wooden roller coaster that the park retired after the 2003 season. Hydra The Revenge is located in the same spot bordering Dorney Park Lake where Hercules once stood.