Dinosaurs Alive

Scenes Based on Real Fossil Evidence

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This dinosaur exhibit presents scenes and stories based on real fossil evidence, such as the predator trap at Cleveland-Lloyd in Utah and the Pachyrhinosaurus flash flood episode from Pipestone Creek in Alberta, Canada. Other key scenes depicting behaviors and diversity include an attack by a pack of Deinonychus on a grazing Hadrosaurs, and an adult and sub-adult Tyrannosaurus Rex stalking a Triceratops! 

Did Theropods Have a Social Network?

New for 2014! Based on fossilized records of a group of Albertosaurus who have been found together in the Dry Island Bonebed of 1910, this scene raises theories on social behaviours in some theropods. 

Pack Attack

The serenitude of the grazing Hadrosaurs is disrupted. A group of Deinonychus hunt and take down an Iguanodon. A fourth Deinonychus comes to join the fray.

Predator Trap

Based on the findings at the Cleveland Lloyd Quarry in Utah. Juvenile Allosaurus get stuck in the mud of a water hole. Other Allosaurus are drawn to their thrashing and prey on them. A juvenile stegosaurus also gets stuck in the mud and tries to escape, while mother and sibling look on. A much larger Allosaurus comes down the hill to check out the commotion.

Kids Dig Site

Across the path from the Main Feature Ruyangosaurus is a large kids dig site containing most of a skeleton of a large predator. The dig site is contoured to appear as if it were found in the park at Canada's Wonderland. Guests are encouraged to uncover the skeleton, which is covered in sand.

Flash Flood

At the bottom of the hill, guests cross the creek on a small foot bridge. As they come around the corner, they see a group of Pachyrhinosaurus attempt to cross a river. The dinosaurs are swept up by a flash flood and perish. The second segment of the scene shows the perished dinosaurs and the third segment shows the skull and bones. The scene is based on a fossil bed in Alberta and shows the timeline of life, death & fossilization.

T-Rex Fight

A wide eyed Triceratops barrels down the slope as it is about to be taken down by a juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex, as a smaller one makes it away. In close pursuit are an impressive 18m adult T-Rex and it’s other smaller offspring.