Dinosaurs Alive

Interactive and Educational Experience

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Combining finely detailed hand-crafted animatronics and interactive consoles set in a lush landscape, Dinosaurs Alive offers educational content that reflects the latest scientific theories and discoveries. This tail thrashing, roaring and clawing exhibition will actively engage guests of all ages in a unique learning experience! 

Stories of Dinosaur Discoveries

Guests of all ages will be introduced to stories of dinosaur discoveries and theories of how mass death may have occured and the connection between dragons and dinosaurs. 

Compare Each Dinosaur

Actively compare not only the immense size of each dinosaur to the others, but also being able to witness how they may have looked and moved in their own environments. 

Guide Dinosaur Movement

Interactive consoles allow you to guide dinosaur movements so you can see how scientists believe each dinosaur moved its arms, tail, mouth and eyes. 

School Groups and Company Outings

Dorney Park has developed an educational resource kit filled with all sorts of dino facts and activities to do before, during and after your visit to Dinosaurs Alive! Download the Education Kit.

For more information on planning your school group or company outing to Dorney Park and Dinosaurs Alive, please contact us here.