Dinosaurs Alive

Appeals to Guests of All Ages

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The opportunity to observe the size of these massive hadrosaurs and learn that they lived in herds numbering in the hundreds and thousands while sharing their ecological environment with even larger predators, becomes a moment of awe and understanding for guests of all ages of a world long since extinct. 

A Roaring Good Time

Dinosaurs Alive is an experience that families enjoy doing together and is an attraction where you can learn something new each time you visit! 

A New Era of Thrills

It's a new era of thrills for all ages when you're face-to-teeth with the life-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex! 

Souvenirs and Merchandise

Dinosaurs Alive is a unique experience you'll remember for a long, long time. After you've experienced this awe-inspiring attraction, take home a Dinosaurs Alive souvenir!