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Stake and Ale

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Stake and Ale

Location: The Lair / Thunderhawk Midway

Forced from their ancestral home this small clan of Vampires has taken refuge in the dark. But these vampires have been without blood for far too long. Their sharp minds are clouded with hunger but luckily their next meal is only a heartbeat away. Let them lure you into Stake & Ale Bar to warm up when the chill of the night sends shivers up your spine. Sink your teeth into a tempting array of select beers, wines and mixed drinks. Fueling up is an excellent way to guarantee that you can outrun the monsters during the rest of your visit. Perhaps a Bloody Mary will distract these hungry vampires long enough for your escape…  

Guests 21 years of age+ must show proof of I.D. to consume alcoholic beverages.