Dorney Bark & Wildwagger Kingdom

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Dorney Bark & Wildwagger Kingdom

Tana Korpics |
September 10, 2020

Dorney Park has always been home to #amazing animals. We have our heritage trout in the Cedar Creek and trout pond, swans and ducks which guests and associates are able to watch and feed. We also have many unseen trespassers as well – such as all those cool (stray) cats and kittens, and foxes and deer who like to roam the park when it’s completely empty.

On special occasions, our full-time team will bring in their domesticated furry friends to Dorney Park for some socialization and pet therapy. One of our amazing full-timer pets we love to have stop by the park is Lila. Lila was recently rescued from Lehigh County Humane Society (LCHS) by our Executive Admin Assistant, Kelly.

As our 2020 Season concluded we decided to pay homage to all our wild and domestic animals and help some furry friends in need. So, we gave it ALL to the dogs… and cats… and other rescue animals of LCHS.

We opened our gates and let them in for an adoption photoshoot. Honestly, you’re going to love what you see and read… and then you’ll probably feel the urge to bring all of them home. Let’s just say, it was not a ‘ruff’ day at the office, and I begged my husband to bring most of them home.

(Disclaimer: No pets actually rode rides in the making of this blog post.)

Josephine (Josie)

Josie is a 3-month-old, beautifully marked, long-haired kitten who decided she was on the hunt for some mice and believe it or not, she knew right where to go – Wild Mouse. Her mellow demeanor wasn’t a match for this ride, but it was for the photoshoot! Check out her unique markings – she was really interesting to photograph.


Chauncer is a 4-month-old Maltese Poodle, and boy is he a spitfire. Easily excitable, Chauncer loves attention and cannot keep his feet, or tail, still. 

Rescues are not just for cats and dogs, they’re for other species of animals, too – LCHS brought along some cute fluffy friends to bring awareness to their additional offerings.


Roxanne is an adult female rabbit looking for her forever home. She is a big girl who likes to be held and petted.


Archie is an adult male ferret with tons of personality and wiggle. His dons a beautiful fawn-colored coat and loves to run, play, and take naps in his hammock. This little guy is a wiggle worm but loved hanging out with the PEANUTS gang in Planet Snoopy. He even wiggled his way into a full-time staffer's arms to get his picture taken.

Honey & Teddy

If you give two guinea pigs a cookie… they’re going to want some pictures to go with it. Honey and Teddy are brothers and very much love each other.  They enjoy spending time eating veggies and cuddling together.


Get ready for some cuteness! BP is a 3-month-old lab mix, with heterochromia. If you don’t know what that means, take a good look at her eyes – they are two different colors! BP was taking a little break on MusikExpress before moving on to her next victim of cuteness. She is very outgoing and loves a good conversation.


Meet Kevin, a three-legged, 1-year old American Staffordshire Terrier. Kevin had to have his front left leg amputated. He's doing great, and gets around just like any other dog his size and has a huge personality – for example, he only wanted to show us his “good” side for the shoot. Kevin is well-manner would make a wonderful companion for any family.


This little pup is Flo – a 3-month-old pit mix. Although she couldn’t stop checking out every scent that hit her nose – she did stop for a classic Dorney Park photo at the epicenter of the park.  She has gray eyes and loves to play!


Sarge is an 8-year-old male pit bull mix who is ready for adoption! He is a very friendly and well-behaved boy, he even asked nicely to get on our oldest ride in the park, the Whip. Sarge has excellent leash manners and appears to do well with other dogs.

Itty & Bitty

Their names are accurate. These two little… I mean teeny… ladies are a treat for sure. Itty and Bitty are 10-month-old Chihuahuas puppies. They have very mellow personalities and like to be carried and cuddled. These two wouldn't sit still and were found in the hands of our full-time staffers.

Did we save the best for last? No way – there are so many other animals at LCHS that need their forever families to come and find them. 

LCHS needs your help raising money to take care of all of their amazing animals, you can send a monetary donation here, or check out their upcoming events:

Drive-in Movie Night and Basket Auction Fundraiser
Thursday, September 24, 2020
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Shankweiler's Drive-In 

Golf Tournament Fundraiser
Thursday, October 15, 2020
7:30 AM  - 4:30 PM
Olde Homestead Golf Club

About LCHS:

Our mission. To provide a safe haven for ALL animals in the Lehigh Valley. To be the leading advocate for breeds such as pit bulls that often are left behind or ignored by other shelters. To provide state of the art medical care for all animals and to offer financial assistance to those pet owners who cannot afford veterinary care for their pets. To match responsible pet seekers with their next best friend in order to find the perfect home for the animals in our care.  Investigate any and all reported animal cruelty cases, prosecute, rescue, and rehabilitate all animals that suffer from cruelty situations.