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5 Reasons To Visit Dorney Park in 2020

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5 Reasons To Visit Dorney Park in 2020

Though it breaks our hearts to say it, Dorney Park’s 2020 season is coming to an end. We’ll miss hearing you sing along at Center Stage, screaming as you have fun flying through the air on your favorite rides and laughing as you make memories. Most of all, we’ll miss seeing our Dorney Park family every day. But fear not! There’s still time to do all of this one last time!   

If you’re looking for an excuse to take one more day off before work starts and school opens, you’ve come to the right place. With only five operating days left, here are five reasons to visit us before we part ways for the season.  


5. Conquer that coaster!  

This year and this season have faced us with so many challenges and we work every day to overcome them. So who’s to say that you can’t accomplish something as fun as riding a Dorney Park roller coaster? Though they may look intimidating, anyone who’s ridden one of our seven adrenaline-fueling roller coasters will agree that they make up one of the reasons you should visit before our season comes to a close.  


Catch everyone’s gaze as you climb hundreds of feet toward the sky before plummeting back down to earth on Steel Force, the tallest coaster in the entire park. Speed across the tracks of Dorney’s oldest coaster, Thunderhawk, so quickly that you’ll fly by in a blink. Twist and turn seven times as you challenge Hydra, appropriately named after the monster from Greek mythology. And take a ride on the ever-fierce Talon, a fast-moving, high-flying, twist and turning inverted coaster, for a taste of all three.  


You’ll forget all about your fears as they turn into fun on the tracks of our beloved roller coasters.   


4. Take a Step Away From Reality   

The moment you walk through the Dorney Park gates, you step into a new world focused on fun and happiness. There’s no description for the feeling you get when the magic of the midway comes to life and you just can’t help but smile as the fun sweeps over you.   


Relax at Center Stage with the UpRights and let the music the music carry you through time as they play songs from different genres. If you're looking for a different type of surreal experience, Dominator and Demon Drop take you to unimaginable heights. These are not your ordinary elevator rides. With all of the energy floating around, it’s impossible to be in a bad mood. It might be a while before you have another change to escape the real world and focus on fun, Dorney is the perfect place to do it. You’ll be sure to leave the park buzzing with energy and grinning from ear to ear.  


3. Be A Kid With Your Kids 

Just because you bring your kids to the park, doesn’t mean you have to be an adult all the time. Travel back in time and relive your younger days. The amazing thing about Planet Snoopy is that it envelops kids and parents into a place made just for them. Take the kids on their first rides! Start out small on Sally’s Swing Set or jump right onto the Woodstock Express and introduce the kiddos to their first roller coaster. The perfect Planet Snoopy experience isn’t complete without a meet and greet with the PEANUT™ gang!   


Too often it’s forgotten what it’s like to have fun and let go. As we inch back to normalcy and the season comes to an end, it’s important to make the most of the opportunity to forget the world outside and spend a day living in the magical moment.  Relax and take in all of the fun that the park has to offer before time runs out.   


2. Bond With Your Friends and Family  

A trip to Dorney Park instigates a bonding experience with whoever you go with.   

It's simply inevitable that your relationship will move to new heights after a day in the park. Regardless of who you come with, there’s no question that you’ll grow closer as you wait in line, try new rides together, win prizes together and everything else there is to do in the park. Experiencing so much together creates a closeness that is tricky to forge. Not only do you spend a longer amount of time with loved ones, but you introduce them to new things, hold their hand as you help them get over their fears and experience a fun like no other.   

There is no better to place to bond with friends and family.   


1. Make Memories that will last a lifetime  

Your memory making starts as soon as you step into the park. When your picture is taken, you instanty have a Dorney memory to keep with you forever. Memories lie within every inch of Dorney Park. From the Antique Carousel to Steel Force, there is something for everyone and a way to make each moment special. Like the rides at the park, memories that are formed here come in all shapes and sizes. For some, taking your sibling for a ride on their first roller coaster is what makes the trip special. For others, taking your child to meet their favorite PEANUTS™ character is a picture that will hang on the wall forever. Even sharing french fries on a first date makes for a memorable trip to the park. Getting soaked on rides like Thunder Canyon brings the family together as they laugh while mom gets soaked by a waterfall. When dad screams as Hydra takes its first loop, the entire family will have something to joke about on the car ride home. Memories are more than just rides at the park, they’re the times spent skipping from Coasters to Waverunner, beaming at their favorite characters, singing along to performances and so much more.  


Before we part ways for the year, we hope that you’ll make just one more memory with us. 


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