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25+ Digital Jigsaw Puzzles for All Ages to Play at Home

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25+ Digital Puzzles for All Ages to Play at Home

Tana Korpics

Manager, PR & Communications
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We are all looking for fun things to do at home to keep our minds sharp and remind us about all the fun coming just around the corner.

Find your perfect challenge! The puzzles are in order from the least amount of pieces to the greatest. Age guidelines are included if you’re looking for something the littles can do. From park food to thrills, spills, and chills – there’s something for everyone. See a puzzle you like, but think it's too easy (or maybe too difficult)? You can choose how many pieces (from an easy 6 to 1000+), simply click on the waffle before you start - or the three bars at the top left corner of the screen to modify the puzzle to your liking. There’s also a 'timer' feature, so race your family or friends to see who can get them done the fastest, or settle in for a challenging activity.

Simply click on the links below and get started.

(Guidelines: Ages 2 – 4)

Pumpkin Carved with Charlie Brown – 8 Pieces

Charlie Brown & Snoopy & Charlie – 8 Pieces


Birthday Snoopy – 12 Pieces


Kid’s on Water Slide in Wildwater Kingdom – 15 Pieces

(Guidelines: Age 5 & 6 can start here, or really… anywhere!)


Charlie Brown & Peppermint Patty – 16 Pieces

Peanuts Characters – 20 Pieces

Ferris Wheel at Night – 25 Pieces

Steel Force – 25 Pieces

(Guidelines: Ages 5 – 6)

Snake Pit Water Slides in Wildwater Kingdom – 28 Pieces

Charlie Brown at the Great Pumpkin Fest – 35 Pieces

Planet Snoopy – 40 Pieces

Kaleidoscope Flat Family Ride – 54 Pieces

Dominator Thrills Ride – 60 Pieces

Steel Force & Hydra Roller Coasters – 60 Pieces

(Guidelines: Ages 7 & Up)

Wildwater Kingdom Tube Slide – 70 Pieces

Independence Day Fireworks over Dominator – 88 Pieces

Dorney Park Roller Coaster Collage – 96 Pieces

Good Time Gifts Candy Apples – 100 Pieces

Wave Swinger – 140 Pieces

Dorney Park Funnel Cake with Strawberries – 150 Pieces


Aqua Racer in Wildwater Kingdom – 150 Pieces


Dorney Park Skyline Silhouette – 176 Pieces

Steel Force in the Haunt Fog – 204 Pieces

Cedar Creek Winter Scene at Dorney Park – 260 Pieces

(Guidelines: 13 years and older // Halloween Haunt Puzzles)

Dorney Park Haunt Misfit: Cobra – 104 Pieces

Dorney Park Haunt Clown – 150 Pieces

Dorney Park Haunt CornStalkers Character – 150 Pieces

Dorney Park Haunt Misfits: 3 Witches – 150 Pieces

Dorney Park Haunt Misfit: Dark Fairy – 150 Pieces

Be well, Lehigh Valley. I can’t wait to be and see everyone back on the midways, soon!

If you finish them all and want more or would like a specific puzzle... Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter: @TanaKorpics! 

This too shall pass... #TogetherAlone

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Tana Korpics

Manager, PR & Communications
Follow @tanakorpics on Twitter

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