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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

As we’re sure most of you have noticed, Wildwater Kingdom is a fantastic, world-class waterpark made for your enjoyment. It already consisted of diverse water attractions including two wave pools, two lazy rivers, one of the longest raft slides in the country, 22 slides and four family-friendly play areas. What you’re about to discover is that it just got even better! Morgan and I had quite eventful kickoffs to our internships with the following plentiful enhancements you’re now able to enjoy as well in Wildwater this summer.

Snake Pit Waterslide Complex

Only a couple weeks in and we already got to experience all of the thrill that comes along with a new ride’s Grand Opening – in this case, the Snake Pit’s on May 30th. This top rated complex includes six brand new slides, bringing the park’s total up to a whopping 28! Dorney is very excited to supply a variety of unique experiences that will be sure to add tons of fun to each of your visits. From what we observed that Friday, every rider had a blast speeding down each slide – many of which rushed right back up for seconds… then thirds… and more. You can choose between the three tube slides – Boa Blasters or the Constrictor – or three body slides – Python Plummet. If you’re looking for a total adrenaline rush, undertaking Python Plummet will not disappoint with its feeling of freefalling. These slides launch you from a chamber down about 450 feet at ridiculous speeds. The Constrictor sends you spinning around intense 360 degree loops, while the twin Boa Blasters shoot you through high-speed banks. Make sure to test these out during your next visit!

Check out Morgan's video about Snake Pit here!


Wave Pool Seating

Do you like to relax under the sun by our wave pools? No need to fret that there won’t be enough seats left because Dorney added more and even gave them a makeover! If you want to sit up closer to the action in the water, settle down on a sand chair in one of the front two rows. If you would rather lie out and tan and/or get some shade under an umbrella, sprawl out on one of the many adjustable lounge chairs.


Shaded Seating Area & Marketplace

More seating is also now available in the beautiful new shaded area where you can enjoy eating your food while escaping from the sun rays. Want something refreshing to cool you off even faster? You’ve come to the right place because this space also doubles as a Marketplace where you can buy cold drinks and fresh tasty fruit.


Digital Locker Facility

Another upgrade that makes your day at Wildwater Kingdom even more stress-free is the new digital locker facility. Not only do lockers alleviate the need to lug your belongings around, but the 2,700-plus lockers only require a four-digit code for access. This means that there’s no more hassle of carrying a key around the park with you, whether you would be worrying about or actually losing it on a ride or getting that awkward ankle- or wrist-band tan.

Ranging from thrills to seating to nourishment to storage, we, and the rest of the Dorney Park Team, are eager for you all to explore and experience the latest updates made to Wildwater Kingdom. These projects were done to specifically enhance each and every one of your visits here with us this summer and in the many summers to come. Because of all the excitement built up about Snake Pit, we’d suggest getting a new Fast Lane Plus pass to ride and re-ride the slides with as minimal wait time as possible. Enjoy!

Experienced any of these new features? We’d love to hear what you have to say about them! Please share your comments below.


this snake pit was real eased on my birthday going there saturday and yes i will ride it

- ;) girl
Thursday, July 3, 2014 at 6:54 PM


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