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The Girls Have Taken Over!: Shopping at Dorney Park

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Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

While AJ is relaxing on his week off, Carrie (our totally awesome boss and communications manager extraordinaire) and I took it upon ourselves to do what women do best: SHOP. I know, I didn’t think “shopping spree” and “amusement park” necessarily fit together either, but after visiting our many gift shops, I learned just how wrong I was. I found that Dorney Park offers some seriously trendy attire, and an even more impressive collection of gadgets and souvenirs. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite items; I hope you love them just as much as I do!

Dinosaur Slippers

These are absolutely the number one item on my "list of things I can't believe I've lived 21 years without."  How comfortable do these look? I am going to have so much fun walking around my house pretending to be a dinosaur in these!

Skull Tank Top

This tank top, found in Tradewinds, is so fierce! Skulls are very "in" right now, and Dorney Park stays on trend perfectly.

Keep Calm and Ride On Shirt

This popular British slogan is popping up everywhere as of late.  This simple crewneck comes in so many bright colors, and is the perfect souvenir to remember a day at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom.

This Entire Tie-Dye Collection

These bright, fun pieces perfectly symbolize Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom.  It's fun, it's dizzying, it's a burst of color in your life!

Coaster Shot Glasses... Can I Say That?

These little guys are a must-have for any collector.  Each roller coaster has its own line of glassware of all sizes.  The figurines inside each of the shot glasses are my favorite! Take the thrills home with you.

Sugar Shack... All of it

The Sugar Shack, located next to Good Time Theater, is Dorney Park's Hidden Gem.  From chocolate to nuts to toffee to Skittles to..... I'm getting carried away.  How have I worked here this long without spending every paycheck here? I know where I'm going Friday!

So next time you’re at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom, I’d definitely recommend allocating some of that Fast Pay money towards one of these awesome items, or maybe everything in the shop. Remember to combine your offers, as well! If you put money of Fast Pay, you get 10% of that money added on free, and as a season passholder you receive 10% off regularly priced merchandise. So take full advantage of these fantastic deals, and enjoy walking around in your fuzzy dinosaur slippers!

Own any of these items? Frequent the Sugar Shack often? We’d love to hear about it! Comment below!

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