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The 10 Things You Need to Know to Be a Wildwater Kingdom Expert

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Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Wildwater Kingdom is not an easy place to master. With so many rides, food options, people, and a seemingly never-ending sidewalk, you may think that you will never discover all of its hidden secrets. But don’t worry- Gina and I are here to help you become an expert with 10 tips that will make your visit the best one yet! This will be a guide to all things Wildwater Kingdom, and by the end of this post you will be walking around Wildwater Kingdom like you work here. See us try out these tips in this short black and white film.


1. Cabanas

The first great thing to know about Wildwater Kingdom is our Cabana rental option. Lounge by Wildwater Cove and enjoy a beverage, a snack, shade, and the comfort of being able to leave your things as you go experience the water park. This exclusive area not only offers protection from the sun but also guarantees you a place to relax when you visit the water park. We highly recommend renting a cabana; find out more information and reserve yours today.


2. The Retreat

The next tip is located just across the Wildwater Cove wave pool and is a great deal at the park. Our Retreat area offers you the privacy of a gated entrance with lounge chairs and umbrellas. Rather than hoping to get lucky and finding a good seat in the public area, longue in comfort in our retreat area and come and go as you please. Take advantage of our drink offers or use it as a place to leave your things as you go enjoy all the water park has to offer! Reserve your chair today.


3. Oasis

Perhaps the most exciting addition to Wildwater Kingdom is Oasis. Gina and I could not tell you how impressed we were by it. Oasis is the 21 and older spot in Wildwater Kingdom to come and enjoy a refreshing adult beverage. But it is much more than an outdoor bar. Oasis offers a live DJ on Saturdays and Sundays to provide a more shore-like atmosphere. We also discovered that all people 21 and older who enter Oasis have access to an exclusive swimming pool located right next to the bar!



4. Important Locations

One of the biggest tips we can offer is the locations of all restrooms, changing rooms, first aid, and smoking areas in Wildwater Kingdom. Wildwater Kingdom is home to three separate restroom and changing areas. The first location is next to Wildwater Cover (on the left as you walk through Tradewinds). The second one is located next to the Wave Pool (not the Wildwater Cove, this is the other wave pool). The third one is located next to the Lollipop Lagoon (located further into the water park but its proximately to the more child friendly attractions make it a great place for young families to use).

First Aid is located behind the Wave Pool and next to Wildwater River. We have two designated smoking locations (if you smoke you can only smoke in these two areas) in the water park. The first smoking location is located next to the games and Sushi Tokyo (there is a sign but generally speaking if you walk past Tradewinds on your way to the Wave Pool it will be on your left). The second location is near Waterworks. There are two patios next to Waterworks, the more elevated patio is the designated smoking one.

5. Food

When it comes to eating in the water park you should be aware of all of your options! One of the best deals that we offer is our Dining Plan! This plan allows you to purchase your meal ahead of time and then choose from a preset list of various options at different food venues throughout the park and waterpark. Plus, it includes a snack for a nacho or funnel cake later on.  Dining Plan Meal and Snack Locations can be found here (click on "Dining Plan" to view the PDF).

Dining Plan offers you a peace of mind and the luxury of having to carry around less money at the park. It can be purchased as a combo with your admission ticket for a discount online or you can purchase just the meal portion if you are a Season Passholder or already have your ticket. So check out these tasty options and Buon Appetito!

6. Fast Pay 

With so many great dining options your going to want to have your wallet available! But, being active in the water park and carrying a wallet don’t always seem to go hand in hand. To help you with this we strongly suggest the Fast Pay option. Check out our story about Fast Pay. We have two kiosk locations in Wildwater Kingdom (one outside of Tradewinds and the other near Typhoon Treats), or you can purchase one inside of Tradewinds. We strongly recommend you try this on your next visit!

7. Aqua Sox

Another item we would recommend is investing in Aqua Sox! These water shoes can be purchased for a total of $21.19 (that includes tax) behind Tradewinds. If you show your season pass, you can purchase them for 10% off! These water shoes serve a variety of functions. During the hot day they will definitely save your feet from getting too hot, they will help you be more locker-efficient, and you can wear them into Dorney Park! These multifaceted water shoes are definitely worth the investment!

8. Life Vests

Dorney has always been and will always be a family friendly park. In order to keep with this tradition Wildwater Kingdom offers free life vests! The life vests can be found on racks in five separate locations through the park and are completely free to use. Life vest racks are located near Wildwater Cove, near Lightening Falls, near Runaway River, near the Wave Pool, and near the Wildwater Run. If have young children make sure you take full advantage of this service!


9. Family-Friendly Slides and Rides

To help those with younger children we have compiled a list of rides and the height minimum required to go on these rides. Having a full list will you to plan your day in the water park better and create a more positive experience. Below are a list of rides for children under 48”.

Ride   Description  Height Requirement
 Lollipop Lagoon

 Lollipop Lagoon is a collection of 11 miniature waterslides, and is equipped with fountains, squirt guns, and other silly surprises best fit for our tiniest guests.
 Must be under 54"
 Splash Landing

This lounge area designed especially for kids is full of fountain and falls, and a perfect hideaway to relax!  Must be under 54"
 Kids Cove
In this “carwash,” kids can explore steps, slides, fountains and fun!
 Must be under 54"
 Wildwater River
This tube ride takes guests through 1,000 feet of a slow, winding river that passes through tunnels and waterfalls, but it less intense than the Runaway River.
Must be under 54"
 Runaway River
This mild-thrill tube ride directs guests through 1,600 feet worth of river, with plenty of tunnels and waterfalls along the way.
Must be 42"
 Wave Pool
The wave pool’s depth reaches 6 feet, but there are life vests available all over Wildwater Kingdom to keep the kids safe.
Must be 42" or accompanied by a responsible person
 Wildwater Cove
This additional wave pool also reaches a depth of 6 feet. Cabanas and lounge chairs surround the area. Must be 42" or accompanied by a responsible person
 Aqua Racer
Sliding down these bumps on your belly is so fun. Race your friends and family to the bottom!
Must be 42"
 Riptide Run
Think of this ride as a more-intense tube ride, with turns and twists, slides and slips.

Must be 42"

This family ride is one of the longest elevated water slides in the world, with the fall beginning at 70 feet.
Must be 46"
Island Water Works
 Island Water Works is s 3-story activity area full of fun! Squirt guns, dropping buckets, gears and games ensure that kids have a blast. Must be 46"

10. Lockers 

While this may all seem like a lot of information it will definitely improve your experience here at Wildwater Kingdom. The last tip we have for you is some general advice on how to pack your bag to be more locker efficient. Lockers are a great amenity to invest in since it provides peace of mind knowing your belongings are all secure (especially if you use Fast Pay and don’t have to worry about your wallet). Often times, though, people bring a lot of things with them which may result in you paying more in locker fees. So here are a few tips to put some money back into your bracelet (Fast Pay) or wallet!

1. Bring one bag for a family
As difficult as this may or may not seem, it will save you in the long run. A small locker can fit a backpack, but not two bags.  Consolidate and you will be thankful later.

2. Guard your key closely
Did you know that when you turn your key back in after your done with your locker you can get $5 back?! So get back $5 and guard that key at all costs.

3. Invest in Aqua Sox and save some room
Aqua Sox are the way to go. You can then wear them to the park and save room on bringing shoes and save money on buying them with your season pass!

4. Roll up your towel and clothing
Rolling up your towel and clothes tightly actually reduces the amount of space occupied in your bag (as opposed to just folding or throwing things in).


We hope that you will take these tips and use them to help others become experts about Wildwater Kingdom. We are always looking for ways to help you, our guests, take full advantage of all the opportunities we have to offer at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom. Use these tips to plan your trip so when you get here you can kick back, relax, and rest easy knowing you are a Wildwater Kingdom expert.


Thanks for all of the great tips and pics!

- Lisa B
Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 2:46 PM

Better than six flags m n . . . . ..

- Kane ddf
Sunday, July 21, 2013 at 2:23 PM

thx for the tips but i hope the pools arent too deep for me

- anonimus
Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 2:34 PM

Can you also tell us about the ride inportant thing about the park like ride and what they are so its all up to me to get her exited because i'm going with my friends and i'm 13 so i am really exited so she has never been there and she is super exited too so i'm telling her all about it and like i just don't know what to tell her

- Robaisha
Thursday, August 1, 2013 at 2:54 PM

I really enjoyed myself on our recent visit last month, I hope to attend again this weekend. Our family consists of 2 teens and my wife and I. The kids enjoyed the waterpark while my wife found the pool bar area where they had a DJ playing. The drinks were a reasonable price for a amusment park and the DJ was amazing to watch! He did keep the feeling of Shore and we enjoyed our nearly 2 hour retreat in the pool. We also took a locker, well worth it for daily rental as we needed to return for our ID's. Also use the Wave Pool changing rooms as they were cleaner and not as busy after a hot saturday. Chickie and pete was good, nothing too grand but again reasonable for an amusement park. enjoyed the reading, thanks again

- Robert C.
Friday, August 30, 2013 at 11:39 AM

nice tips

- sonu
Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 11:08 AM


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