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Someone Let College Kids into the Office

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Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Hello there! Welcome to Dorney Park’s latest feature: A Walk in the Park. We’re AJ and Gina, college students working in the Communications Department this summer. After being here for a few weeks, we’ve learned our way around the (very well landscaped) park, tried out a lot of Dorney’s new projects (think: brownie/cookie hybrids!), and even stood in our uniforms on the White Water Landing bridge, all in the name of making sure that our products are up to the highest quality. But we’re still exploring, and we want to bring you guys along with us for a (virtual) Walk in the Park. We will keep you up to date on the latest products, features, tips and tricks as we find them. Not only that, but we want to keep you involved. Want to see AJ covered head-to-toe in Airbrush tattoos? Send us your idea! How fast can Gina eat a funnel cake? Ask her to film it! You can contact us throughout the summer by emailing us at Or, comment on any post. We want to keep you in the conversation. Enjoy your first Walk in the Park, and we hope to see you back again soon, at Dorney and on this page!
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