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Guest Guide: Trip Tips!

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Friday, July 25th, 2014

Coming to Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom makes for a fantastically fun-filled day. In fact, there’s so much to do that it might be overwhelming at first! We understand that there’s a lot to consider when planning a visit, so we want to make it easier for you. This website offers tons of helpful information for you such as “Trip Tips,” FAQs, and Guest Services. But for your convenience, this two-part blog now provides you with an overview of advice you may not have come across! Also, check out “Guest Guide: Best Deals” to learn how to be a smart shopper at Dorney.


Plan Ahead


Timing Tips

If you’ve been to Dorney before, especially on a weekend or holiday, you’ve probably noticed how crowded both parks can get. To help you avoid wasting time or getting frustrated, there are a few pro tips we’d like to share.

During a normal week, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are typically the days that the parks are the least crowded. Fewer Guests means shorter lines, less wait time, and more time to ride rides and do everything else!

Resist the temptation to sleep in and aim to arrive at the park as early in the day as possible (preferably before the park opens) to beat traffic for parking. It can get pretty backed up as we have learned from personal experience!

Lessen your chances of getting lost by getting a feel for where everything is located on the map online beforehand or in the Fun Guide you can pick up at the park.

Start your day off in the furthest end of the dry park and work your way back up to the front, then head over to the waterpark. Don’t worry, there’s a method to our madness! This schedule helps you avoid the bigger crowds, work up a sweat in the dry park then cool off in the waterpark, and get less sunburn in your swimsuit. There are shorter lines in the waterpark around 5 p.m. to close and it will still be nice out since the sun doesn’t set until after about 8 p.m. during summer!

What’s Available Online

You can save money and time by avoiding waiting in another line if you buy your park admission ticket online before your visit! The current ticket options and prices are listed here.

Worried about spending too much money or losing your cash or card in the park? FastPay is a system that can also help you set a budget for your day to make sure you don’t overspend. You can even buy a wristband voucher online so you don’t have to spend time doing so during your visit.

We know you want to try to fit in as much fun as possible each day you come to Dorney, so to further plan your stay here, see what Live Entertainment the park offers. Read up on what to expect and when to catch each show here and in our other blog, “It’s Showtime!,” so you don’t miss out!

Dorney is a big park with lots to do, which may lead to people in your group splitting up to do different things at different times and maybe even getting lost along the way. It’s always a good idea to pick a meeting spot if you become separated, preferably in a quieter and less crowded area. A cabana rental serves as a great meeting spot if you’re in Wildwater Kingdom. You can also leave a message for your group at the Guest Services building in the Main Plaza or even just use the Dorney Park Mobile App’s “Friend Finder” feature that will be discussed later on!


Best Tips for Family Trips

If you’re coming to Dorney Park with kids or infants, there are some great features available to help make the most of your stay here by minimizing worry and maximizing ease. If you want to learn about more of the parks’ accommodations, visit this link.

Lost Children

Dorney understands your concern about losing your kids, especially in large crowded settings like this; that’s why there are multiple solutions available. The best option is the Kid Track program that helps lead you to your lost children if you were to get separated inside the park. Just make sure to register your children at Guest Services or at the Family Care Center in Planet Snoopy at the start of your day so they can receive an identification band that can even be registered with your cell phone or pager number for a way to get in contact.

You can also track your children using the Dorney Park Mobile App’s “Friend Finder” feature if you both have it downloaded and are following each other’s code. Watch the video at the bottom of this page to learn how to use it!

Even if you didn’t prepare for such an incident to occur and it does, be assured that an employee will approach any child who appears to be lost and lead them to safety either at the Tradewinds Gift Shop in Wildwater Kingdom or at the Family Care Center. Please ask any employee for assistance if you become separated from them, then visit those Children with Lost Parents Centers.

Family Care Center

This facility is located in the heart of Planet Snoopy with welcoming blue doors. Aside from having Kid Track registration and being one of the Children with Lost Parents Centers, it is fully equipped to accommodate you and your youngest family members. You will be delighted to find diaper changing stations, private nursing rooms, feeding high chairs, refrigeration for storage of milk, microwave ovens for bottle warming, and a children’s play area.

Parent Swap

This service gives you, adults, a chance to set your inner-child free! It allows you to enjoy more rides if your children have no other provision while you want to go on a height-restricted ride. Start by asking the ride host/hostess if the service is available for that particular ride and, if so, they will give you a Parent Swap Pass for it. One person in your party then waits with your child near the exit while the rest of the party enters the line. After they are done riding, the person who waited with the child may enter the ride through the exit and ride as well, rather than waiting back in line!


Dorney Park Mobile App

Dorney has a free mobile app available for iPhone and Android that helps you every step of the way from buying tickets and showing you the weather you can expect here, to helping you find where you parked your car at the end of the day! If you don’t have it yet, make sure to download it now by searching “Dorney Park App” on iTunes or the Google Play store, or by scanning the QR code here. Even if you have it already, everyone should watch this user tutorial video Morgan and I made so that you know how to use all of the tools available to you right at your fingertips – literally!

Have any questions about these tips or want to know some more? Let us know in a comment below!


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