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Guest Guide: Best Deals!

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Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

As you walk around the park, you’re bound to be tempted to buy delicious food, refreshing beverages, and awesome merchandise. Luckily, there are bunches of ways that you can save money on some of these purchases that will keep you coming back for more.

Food & Drink Deals

Drink & Dining Deals

To make your day easier and cheaper, Dorney offers a variety of drink and dining deals; some even include admission! You can find details and make your purchase(s) online to get exclusive options and prices. If you’re having trouble understanding the differences and need help choosing, you also might want to look at this chart comparing the dining plans. Also, here’s an infographic explaining the All Day Dining option.


Souvenir Bottle

The combination of walking around the park and feeling the heat of summer can make you quite thirsty, but you can refresh, refill, and save at the same time with this year’s souvenir bottle! Drink loads of Coca-Cola beverages and water all day long for an initial price of $14.99 with free unlimited refills on your first visit after purchasing your bottle, then only an additional $0.99 for each refill or $5 for unlimited refills per day the rest of the 2014 season. You can save even more money by buying the bottle online for as low as $9.99!

Water Bottles

Another thirst-quenching deal you can take advantage of is buying water bottles in bulk. You can get four Dasani bottles for just $10 that will surely hit the spot.

Cotton Candy/Popcorn Bucket

Get your popcorn and cotton candy! Here’s a second opportunity for refillable deliciousness. You can get a bucket of popcorn or cotton candy for an initial price of just $5.99 then get a $0.99 refill of cotton candy at Center Stage Fries, popcorn at Funnel Cake, and both at either the Cotton Candy/Popcorn wagon or Old Fashioned Funnel Cake. It’ll be a great investment!


Shopping Deals

The amazing deals don’t end at Dorney’s edible purchases; there are also merchandise bargains you can take advantage of throughout the whole park! Check this out for the complete list of shopping locations.

Two for $24

Whether you keep both t-shirts or towels for yourself, split them with friends or family, or are feeling extra generous and gift them both, they’ll be great buys.

Who doesn’t wear t-shirts? Exactly, so everyone will love this deal. You can get two t-shirts for just $24 at Good Time Gifts, Dorney’s largest store!

Or, if you tend to spend more time in the waterpark and don’t really need a shirt, you can get two towels for $24 too at all carts and stores in Wildwater Kingdom.

Item of the Week

We’d also like to let you know about the merchandise “item of the week” deals that are available in the park. Each week, you can get a special bargain on a different item in each store! Keep an eye out for a sign by the sale item or make sure to ask a cashier in the store.

Shop & Drop

If you’ve ever resisted buying something in the park just so you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying it around or losing it, then “Shop and Drop” is perfect for you. This service, available at all store locations, allows you to make your purchase now then pick it up later! Dorney sends your purchase up to Guest Services for you at no extra cost if your purchase is $15 or more, or only $1 extra if it’s less than $15. Then, all you have to do is stop by Guest Services at the end of your day!


Season Passholder Deals

Not only does a season pass give you unlimited admission to the park after just one payment, but passholders get numerous other perks such as a discount on purchases in the park – new for the 2014 season! You can get 10% off food and merchandise at participating locations, which can add up to a ton of savings! This discount just can’t be used with other offers, dining plans, alcoholic beverages, or soda bottles or refills, or at cash only locations (arcades, rentals, and Sushi Tokyo).

Remember how the souvenir bottle is $9.99 online, down from $14.99 in the park? Well, you can even get that discounted price in the park as a season passholder! You just have to scan your pass at participating food stand locations.

Have any questions or comments about any Dorney deals? Let us know below!


Didn't know about the Popcorn and Cotton Candy. That is awesome. I'll get one of these and it will be great for the next movie night. :)

- Nat
Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 10:44 PM


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