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Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Summer always goes by too quickly, especially for college students who have just started to experience the workforce. While helping other families and people enjoy their summer has been an awesome experience, we definitely made sure to have some fun of our own along they way. For our last blog, we’re going to count down our top 10 moments from spending the summer with Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom.


10. Giant rubber band ball night

Way back when, when we were announcing the opening of our live entertainment shows, AJ and I were given the following assignment: Go to all the shows, take pictures, and write up a few sentences about each one. Score. Instead of working a typical day, 9-4, we were able to come in to work in the afternoon, hit up all the shows, and stay through the evening. Between shows, we’d come back to the office, pretend we’re a part of the All Wheel Sports cast (we even had hula hoops in the office), and work on our assignment. While playing the office, we stumbled across a 1 pound bag of rubber bands. Of course, we did what any hardworking individuals would do: we put our assignment on hold, and built a 1.01 pound rubber band ball. Definitely a Dorney Park highlight.

9. The soft pretzel experience

One of the most awesome parts about working at Dorney Park is the access to Philly Pretzel Factory pretzels! Whether it was during lunch or dinner these became a staple of our diet here at the park. During long hours at the office these things were a life saver. This has probably been the one food item that has defined our time here. We are both going to miss them…a lot!

8. Testing the fudge

For one of our more recent video projects, we were able to go behind the scenes up in Good Time Gifts, where some of Dorney’s friendliest employees make the fudge. Not only was it interesting for us to see how it gets made, but the comfortable yet informative conversations we had with the employees was a real treat. The fudge wasn’t bad either! We sampled the watermelon before leaving, and oh my goodness it was delicious. I know, I know, watermelon and fudge? A winning combination, trust us. We had a blast with this project!

7. WWK silent film

Going to the water park during work? Check. What better way to promote Wildwater Kingdom than to actually go and have fun in it! Gina and I had a blast developing, planning, filming, and producing this short video. It was fun to get various employees (security, lifeguards, and merchandise personal) to assist in the film and get their time in the lime light. And it was obviously awesome going down Aqua Racer! Who knows, maybe you will see Gina and I on the big screen one of these days!

6. Fehnel

One of the coolest things Gina and I got to do was interview Mike Fehnel (GM Mike) the new General Manager of Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom. This was a big responsibility for us and an even bigger honor to get to interview GM Mike. GM Mike was an absolute blast! We both like him and our interview (during which we played Whack-A-Mole) was not only successful but so much fun! We both wish him the best in the coming years and know that Dorney is great hands under his leadership.

5. Customer service emails

One part of our job that we didn’t expect as PR interns was answering and directing the customer service emails that come through to the park. There certainly are some bizarre situations that can unfold, and we’ve appreciated hearing about our guests’ experiences. We’ve even had the pleasure of hearing from a 5 year old who is writing a book about Dorney, hearing boat loads of compliments about All Wheel Sports, answering questions and interacting with our guests. It’s how we start every day; it’s become habitual. Sometimes I text my mom, “Thank you for contacting Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom!” No seriously, I do.

4. Employee project

Gina and I are currently working on a secret project (you will have to wait to see what it is)! This project has required us to go around to different departments interviewing, observing, and participating with members of these departments. Sure there were a lot of fun parts (going into a subzero freezer, seeing the warehouse where everything, and I mean everything, is stored) but it was really eye opening for us. We got the chance to walk a mile in the shoes of a fellow employee and thus got a greater appreciation for how complicated it is to run an amusement park. Dorney truly has some extraordinary people who work very hard behind the scenes and don’t get noticed by the public. This is a thank you to those people form us, cheers!

3. Carrie (Check out that Throwback Picture!)

AJ & I have been so fortunate to have a boss we love. Carrie has been an absolute blessing to work with, from her puppy stories to her career advice. It’s been great coming in to work each day knowing that she will support us in whatever crazy shenanigans we wanted to get into. Sample the fudge? Done. Decorate our desks with doodles and drawings? Easy. Cut out pictures of other staff members and tape them around her office? Fine by her. Seriously though, working for Carrie has been a pleasure. She gave us freedom and guidance, support and laughter. The only complaint we can come up with is that she wants to keep us safe and therefore won’t let us on the All Wheel Sports stage… We’ll keep trying.


You know, as an All Wheel Sports cast, we’ve come a long way… From Capron’s latest stunts, to Dakota and Drew perfecting their timing… It’s been a fantastic journey… Oh, we’re not in the cast? Oh. Ever since their first rehearsals, AJ and I have been trying to get on that stage. And ever since their first rehearsal, we’ve been denied. But we’ve certainly tried. I’d say, on average, we’ve probably attended the All Wheel Sports show 2-3 times per week. Every week. And every show truly is different, and uniquely incredible. Somehow, each show, Tara finds a way to spin faster, Mahoney’s name gets even more fun to say, Capron perfects a new trick, Lisa smiles a little bigger, Tim gets engaged... This show is incredible, and we will definitely miss it when we go back to school. Good thing we can listen to the sound track all the time, I mean, we have memorized the songs in order.

1. A Walk in the Park

I know it may seem cliché to list the blog we are currently writing as our number one experience on our blog. But it has truly been our number one experience at the park. This blog has allowed us to increase our knowledge of the park, of ourselves, and of each other. This blog required a lot of teamwork, creativity, and hard work. Gina and I did not know each other before this internship and yet in spite of that I feel that we have created something very special. We will always treasure our time here at Dorney Park. This blog is what we leave behind as a testament to our internship. As we pass the torch on to a new set of interns we hope that you continue to follow “A Walk in the Park” and use it to make your stay here the best day ever.

We’ll miss Dorney while we’re back at school, but sometimes it’s just time to move on. We wish the best of luck to next years’ interns; we have a feeling that you’ll have a lot to live up to!


I enjoyed reading all of your blogs all the way from the beginning. You guys were awesome and your blogs were great! I hope you can return to Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom soon! Best of luck to you all!

- Bret
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 12:07 PM


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