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Getting to Know All Wheel Sports

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Friday, July 18th, 2014

If you’ve seen Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom’s 2014 All Wheel Sports (AWS) show, I’m sure you can tell the cast is a fun group. Morgan and I have been fortunate enough to spend some extra time with them as we’ve been watching their shows to write the show review, get pictures and videos, interview them for the promotional video, and ask them questions for this blog! Since we’re so fascinated, we thought Guests would enjoy learning more about the cast and the show too. So, without further ado, here’s the cast introduction video and some fun facts!


Q & A

 Q: How many times does Mahoney have to replace his bike parts?

A: Mahoney blew up five tubes and three tires throughout last summer’s show season! He also broke at least three sets of LED lights in his bike tires already this season.

Q: How many hours of practice does it take for them to perfect a trick?

A: The amount of time really depends on the trick, but they estimated a range from as quick as 15 minutes (i.e. Tim’s bike flip) to as long as 10 years (i.e. for Scott to get the determination to learn how to do a bike tailwhip correctly).

Q: What air pressure does Robbie keep his bike tires at?

A: The back tire is around 23 psi and the front is 35 psi to allow him to bounce!

Q: What is Lisa’s natural hair color?

A: It was dark blonde!

Q: What is Wake’s real first name?

A: Although he was reluctant to reveal, it's actually Kenneth! Wake is his middle name.

Q: How high is the jump from the back trampolines to the side ledges?

A: The guys fly up and down about 10 and a half feet.

Q: How long is the aerial rope?


A: The girls soar on this rope about 30 feet in the air.


Muscle Madness

Who has the biggest biceps? Who has the biggest calves? We measured everyone’s circumferences to find out! Here are the results.
  Bicep (in.) Calf (in.)
13 14
14.5 13.75
14 15.5
10.5 13
12.5 14.5
13.25 14.75
14.5 16
14.75 15.5
15 17.25
12.5 14.75

And the winner is…

... Tim for both his biceps & calves! Impressive. Scott comes in a close second for his biceps, while Robbie comes in second for his calves.


Mahoney vs. Wake

  Mahoney Wake
Hair length (in.)


Celebrity look-alike
Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Harry Styles of One Direction

Random Facts

Although it varies depending, Drew does about 68 flips in each show!

Lisa spins about 100 times on the aerial rope in each show. She went too fast for us to count exactly! You can feel dizzy just thinking about it!

They perform three to four times a day and surely work up a sweat! For hygienic purposes, they all have two sets of their outfits.

Wake toured with Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus Live as one of two rollerbladers! That's awesome.


Scott plays guitar, even backstage between shows! We've gotten the pleasure of hearing it a few times.


In addition to BMX, Robbie is a full time history and film student at Colorado State University.

Katie was part of Cirque Du Soleil's Wintuk show at Madison Square Gardens in NYC for four years! How cool?

Capron enjoys photography – both taking pictures and getting his picture taken.

Dom can juggle! It would be too risky for him to do in the show though because it might get in the way.

Tim was the first guy in Midwest U.S. to do a backflip on a bike!

They do "six pack abs" backstage between shows to stay fit. Their mascot, the zebra, even joins in!


When he's not doing BMX, Mahoney plays video games like Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Drew was a cheerleader his senior year of high school, which helps him do hand-to-hand stunts like this!

Lisa likes fantasy books and is currently reading Game of Thrones, even backstage between shows!

Scott loves woodland creatures and all animals, especially raccoons.

Robbie likes chess so much that he even plays backstage between shows. He beat Wake in each game this day.

Have any other questions about AWS that you’re dying to know the answers to? Let us know in a comment below and we’ll see what we can do!


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